Ösztöndíjat hirdet a Danube Institute

2016-08-16 14:57:42
2016 őszére ösztöndíjat hirdet a budapesti székhelyű, konzervatív-szabadelvű nézeteket képviselő Danube Institute.

Ösztöndíjat hirdet a budapesti székhelyű Danube Institute a 2016 őszi hónapokra. Angol nyelvű kiírásukat az alábbiakban olvashatják.

Az intézet honlapja ezen a linken keresztül érhető el.


The Danube Institute is inviting applications for its 4-month internship programme starting in the second half of September 2016.

The programme gives a chance to deepen the interns’ understanding of international events and trends, and develop their critical/editorial thinking.

The activities involve providing, after initial training and under continuing guidance, edited current affairs content from the English-speaking world media for the DI website, and giving practical support to the Institute with its website and with managing its conferences and other events.

We provide a modest stipend. 

Requirements: interest in, and general familiarity with international current affairs; a willingness to support the Institute’s aims; upper intermediate level English, native level Hungarian.

To apply, please send us your CV and cover letter in English, and a max. 350-word reasoning in Hungarian on one of the two following subjects: 

* Veszélyt jelent-e a nemzeti kultúráknak az EU integráció? 

* Az új amerikai elnök ideális külpolitikája 

Application deadline: 1st Sept. 2016.

Application address: whittallklara at hotmail dot com